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Camp Bold Eagle

Camp Bold Eagle

Founded in 1969, Camp Bold Eagle is the oldest camp of its kind in the country. This specialized camp for children with hereditary bleeding disorders serves boys and girls ages 6 through 13.

Camp Bold Eagle is located on the shores of Big Blue Lake in Holton, Michigan. Campers return year after year to catch up with old friends and meet others with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Camp Bold Eagle offers a variety of camp activities, including archery, arts & crafts, fishing, swimming, boating, nature exploration, and bleeding disorders education. Campers are encouraged to learn to self infuse their own factor while at camp, earning them a coveted "Butterfly Award."

Over 50 dedicated volunteers, including people with hemophilia, medical professionals, and University of Michigan Medical School students commit endless hours to ensure the success of Camp Bold Eagle year after year. Individuals interested in camp, either potential campers or staff members, are encouraged to contact HFM .